The Coastal Fisheries & Aquaculture Division has been conducting scientific research on sea farming and resource management. The division played important roles in establishing sea farming technology for mass seedling production of flatfishes and artificial afforestation technology of brown algae for enhancement of abalone and sea urchin resources. Recently the division has been researching shellfish poisoning mechanisms and detoxification methods based on modern analytical techniques including LC-MS. We are also investigating the influence of endocrine disrupting chemicals on various marine animals.
Research Boat 'Kaimon'

Transplanted abalone seeds into cobble stone area for the resource enhancement research

Analysis of feeding deterrent activity of algal metabolite by image analyzer.

Japanese flounder under a swarm of mysids which is their main prey organism.

The post-larval abalone, Haliotis discus hannai taking benthic diatoms.

The toxic phytoplankton responsible for diarrhetic shellfish poisoning.

Determination of shellfish toxins by high-performance liquird chromatography.

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