Stock Assessment Section

This section carries out research on stock assessment (analysis and predictions of stock) and management (conservation and utilization of stock) of pelagic fishes such as saury and the demersal fishes such as cod.

To accomplish the aim, research on the biological information (growth, reproducton and mortality etc.)and the mechanism of stock fluctuations of the target species as well as the physical and biological structure of the water region, is needed. Based on this information, computer simulation for future stock, adequate catch and protection measures for stocks are studied. Wise use of the fishery resources requires a series of these researches. This section aims to detail the mechanism of stock fluctuations, stock prediction and ABC estimation.

Each year, this section operates research vessels to estimate stock levels of the main pelagic and demersal fishes, and examines the long-term stock fluctuations from detailed analysis of catch and effort data of commercial fishing vessels. Stock prediction and ABC obtained from these studies for each stock are presented to the fisheries administration and fishing industries. Research results are important also for propulsion ofgFisheries controlled for resource managementhwhich our fisheries aim at.

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