Comprehensive study of the Variation of the oceanic ENvironment and FISH populations in the North-western Pacific (VENFISH)


1. Purpose and goal

2. Contents

3. Institutions

4. Period

5. Budget in 1997 fiscal year

Backgrounds and needs

1. Occurrence of management of maximum sustained yield by the Total Available Catch(TAC) under the Agreement of the Law of the Sea in United Nations.
2. Needs of fisheries resources forecasting by the scientific base for setting TAC.
3. Limitation of the present forecasting method by catch and body length data.
4. Needs of more accurate forecasting algorithm of the fisheries resources variation of the important commercial fish.

Past study

5. The past study was not the composite but the each compartment of ecosystem. The study through the ecosystem was not enough.
6. Progress of instruments of phytoplankton and zooplankton measurement.
7. Progress of analyzing method of oceanic environment.
8. Progress of modelling.


a. Oceanic environment
light, nutrient, temperature, dissolved oxygen, current
Blooming and grazing - Feeding
a1. Modelling of phytoplankton biomass variation
a2. Modelling of zooplankton biomass variation
a3. Modeling of resources variation of saury and pollack
b. Response of saury and pollack to oceanic environment
Development of forecasting ecosystem model


1. More accurate forecast of resources variation of saury and pollack.
2. Establishment of scientific base for setting TAC of saury and pollack
3. Promotion of fisheries resources management (WWW administrator)