Project Management Division

The Project Management Division consists of the Planning and Coordination Section and Management Section. The Planning and Coordination Section coordinates research projects, manages public relations, and administers network communications and the library. The Management Section manages personnel affairs, welfare programs, budget and facilities.

Fisheries Management and Oceanography Division

Many economically important fishery resources are distributed in the northern Pacific Ocean off the Tohoku district such as saury and tanner crab. In the Total Allowable Catch (TAC) system, Fisheries Management Group estimates the stock level and trends of these species and to provide the Allowable Biological Catch (ABC) of these fisheries resources. The Physical Oceanography Group and Ecosystem Dynamics Group investigate the physical, biological and ecological features of the Mixed Water Region to understand the ecosystem supporting the high productivity of the Mixed Water Region. These groups contribute to the appropriate management of resources and preservation of the ecosystem which is the foundation of the fisheries. Recently, it has become to be understood that resource variations are linked with long-term ocean variability which is associated with climate change. The understanding of the relationship between the long-term ocean variability and resource variation is also an important subject for our research. Furthermore, we carry out col-lections and management of zooplankton samples called the “ODATE collection”.

Stock Enhancement and Aquaculture Division

The division consists of four expert groups of the Coastal Fisheries Resources Group, Aquaculture Management Group, Stock Enhancement Group and Salmon Resources Research Group. The former two groups are at Shiogama main laboratory in Miyagi prefecture, and the latter groups are at Miyako Laboratory in Iwate prefecture. The Coastal Fisheries Resources Group and Stock Enhancement Group are examining the dynamics of wild and artificially released finfish and shellfish resources of coastal fishery targeted species (e.g., Japanese flounder and ezo abalone) and developing comprehensive stock recoveries and management policy by fishery management, seed stocking and conservations of nursery grounds such as seaweed bed and tideland. The groups are also improving techniques of seed production to minimize genetic degradation to wild population. The Aquaculture Management Group is studying environmental and genetic issues of finfish and shellfish culture to promote aquaculture industries in Tohoku region. The Salmon Resources Research Group supports salmon propagation along the Pacific coast of northern Honshu and monitors chum salmon returning to rivers in the area concerned.

Fisheries Research Vessel Wakataka-maru

The Wakataka-maru is a research vessel built in 1995. The vessel conducts research on fisheries resources, environment and oceanography off the Pacific coast of northern Japan.

    -Principal Particulars-
    ・Length over all ・・・ 57.73m
    ・Length between perpendiculars ・・・ 50.60m
    ・Breadth (mld) ・・・ 11.00m
    ・Depth (mld)
      Upper deck ・・・ 4.50m
      Superstructure deck ・・・ 6.85m
    ・Designed full load draft (mld) ・・・ 4.40m
    ・Full load draft (scantling, mld) ・・・ 4.456m
    ・Gross tonnage ・・・ 692T